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    We know the best ways to successfully move forward in the crowded mobile advertising space

  • WHY US?

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    Global coverage

    Our network spans the globe, providing you with fast and efficient solutions no matter where you are!

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    Automated Ad Optimization

    Innovation is key at Orbis and we only use the most advanced methods of optimizing your ads using the latest technology.

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    Control options

    Whether you want to manage everything

    yourself or delegate relationships

    with ad networks, we're here to help you.

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    Fraud detection

    Our fraud prevention and detection techniques help maintain fairness both for advertisers and publishers.

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    Flexible payouts

    We offer our partners net 15-30 payments. Methods available are Webmoney, PayPal, Payoneer and wire transfer.

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    Advanced reporting

    With our reporting system you can maintain an overview of ad performances and generated turnover at all times.


    SDK integration

    Fast and easy integration: you just implement our SDK into your app.

    Enjoy the simplicity and the effectiveness of this in-app integration!


    Direct link

    This type of integration is suitable for mobile sites. One link and the ads are there!


    Platform for video (in-app and mobile web)

    If you are into video, we're here to help you as well. Video is another universe on the mobile market. That's why we have a team specifically focused on this aspect.


    Mediation platform

    Willing to get the most out of your app by integrating several ad networks? Try our in-house mediation system based on the best practices and solutions our experts have gathered.

  • 50 million

    impressions daily


    Ad networks integrated



    6 million

    unique users monthly

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    The most popular ad format so far

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    Non-intrusive ad format that will fit every app

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    According to stats, video is the method that users intereact with most positively

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    Native ads

    Shows better engagement and increases brand awareness

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    Ready to monetize your app effortlessly and work with a trusted partner?

  • Orbis Tertius

    We are an experienced team of passionate professionals.
    The company was founded in 2014 and we've become trusted experts on the mobile market since then.

    Our primary goal is to help you get the best revenue out of your app.

    We do this by enabling you to choose the most appropriate monetization model for your specific needs; helping you to optimize your app performance, and successfully working with the major ad networks.


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    We believe that people are the core of a successful product. Orbis3 is built by brilliant professionals who like to work hard and achive goals together. We are not only a group of mobile Ad experts, but a team of passionate people inspired by what we do together. The Orbis3 strategy prizes trustworthy and courteous communication, flexibility, openness, employee involvement, knowledge sharing and encouragement of initiative.

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    We improve our product every day in accordance with industry evolution and developers’ needs. You can be sure that with Orbis3 you will be getting only the most advanced solutions available on the market.

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    Strong reliable partnerships are a key to success. Our partners are always the first priority in Orbis 3's business strategy. We know how to help developers grow revenue and spend less time on monetization management. Professional managers in Orbis3's team understand the market and take care of Ad mediation for our partners to earn more effortlessly.

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    We're hiring!

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